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Frequently asked questions

How do I know if counselling is for me?

A wide variety of people access counselling at difficult times in their lives, the best way to find out if you can benefit is to book an initial assessment. This is at no obligation and gives you an opportunity to meet me, discuss your needs and decide whether you feel you can benefit from counselling. If you decide counselling isn't for you, that's okay too. There is no commitment to continue with sessions.

The first couple of sessions will be seen as an ongoing assessment to ensure that therapy feels right for you and to ensure that I feel that counselling with myself is helpful for you.


How many sessions will I need?

Some people have just a few sessions while some people choose to have longer term therapy. Again, this is decided by you. There is no obligation to have a set number of sessions, but if you do decide to end your sessions then I will work with you to end them in a supportive way.


How do I cancel sessions?

You can cancel by phone, text or email. The cancellation policy is available here 


How often do I see you?

In order for therapy to be effective, you need to maintain regular contact with your therapist. As such, weekly sessions offer the optimum frequency of sessions. The most regularly you can have therapy is once a week.  During your initial assessment we will agree a set day and time each week for us to meet and this will be your time. In the event of needing to be flexible due to other commitments, I will work with you to find a suitable time each week that works for you.


How do I pay?

You can pay by either cash or bank transfer

Is there car parking available?

There is a car park near to the building where I am located.

Fees and session times

Sessions last an hour, and my fee is £45 with concessions for counselling students. Fortnightly sessions can also be offered. 

I can also offer telephone and online counselling sessions.

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