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Anxiety and Low Mood

Many people can struggle with anxiety and/or low mood, it can be brought on by an event or it can be due to a series of an events which have occurred in an individual's life. 

Anxiety and low mood can impact on all aspects of a person's life and can lead to someone having difficulties within education or at work, difficulties with their relationships with others and it can result in individuals withdrawing from the things they used to enjoy participating in. 


When I work with anxiety and low mood, I will explore your thoughts and feelings, the triggers for anxiety and/or low mood. I employ a number of different modalities to allow us to explore strategies to challenge the negative and anxiety-based cognitions,  as well as strategies to help reduce feelings of anxiety and low mood.

If you suffer from social anxiety, we will explore your thoughts, feeling and experiences of social interaction, with a view, again to challenge the negative and anxiety based cognitions, and strategies to help you feel more confident in social interactions and to feel less anxious. 

We will also explore psychoeducation around anxiety and low mood, to learn how anxiety and low mood can present within an individual; what occurs physiologically and the relationship it has upon our mind, this is with a view to gain a greater understanding and to allow you to put in place strategies to help you improve your mental health and emotional wellbeing.

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